Regard Persan

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Baroqueries, série virtuelle automnale

With the spirit of tradition and a taste for exploration, the members of Regard Persan are in search of creative ways to bring their timeless music. Inspired by the traditional Iranian musical form, radif, with the addition of contrasting regional repertoire, Pooria Pournazeri, Saeed Kamjoo and Ziya Tabassian invite you to join them in their musical world with their 2019 “Invisible Circle”.

Regard Persan is a cooperative created by three Montreal Irano-Canadian musicians intrigued by the idea of combining their musical traditions with a contemporary musical aesthetic. Their respective instruments pave the way to a new musical understanding. The tanbour, preferred instrument of Kurdish dervishes, is played by Pooria Pournazeri, member of a grand musical dynasty. Innovative musician Saeed Kamjoo plays the gheychak, a string instrument played by the Qalandars of Baluchistan. Percussionist, Ziya Tabassian, adds rhythmic colour to the ensemble with instruments from across Iran.


Crédit photo-Festival Chants De Veilles