Susie Napper Fund

Montréal Baroque set up the Susie Napper perpetuity fund a few years ago as part of the Mécénat Musica program. It can thus collect major cultural gifts.

The net cost to an individual of a $25,000 cash donation after personal tax credits is $6,750* and is due, among other credits, to an additional tax credit from Revenue Quebec for one large cultural donation, which can only be claimed by the donor once in his or her lifetime. The net cost to an individual of a $25,000 donation of public company shares (with large non-realized gains) can be as low as $7,521 can be done by the donor multiple times.

Also, a donation of $25,000 allows the admissible cultural organization to apply to the Fondation du Grand Montreal’s Mécénat Musica program for matching from participating donor families and for matching grants from le Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and/or Canadian Heritage.  This can increase the capital raised for each $25,000 donation.

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