Montreal Baroque Festival

Scéne extérieure du Festival

At the dawn of Montreal’s festival season, Montreal Baroque invites the public to enjoy four joyous days of 17th and 18th century music, dance and theatre. Renowned artists, inspired by their period instruments, gather from around the world to celebrate their passion with a thriving hoard of Montreal musicians. Performed in historic or unconventional venues, the grand productions, intimate concerts, world music, improvisations, parade, musical café, street shows, instrument fair and conferences, peppered with culinary delicacies, make for an eclectic, eccentric and colourful event!

The annual festival theme always inspires out-of-the-box programming and encourages the musicians to push their performances to the limits of their art to the delight of audiences!

2022 edition


“I reverently consecrate this first opus, which I, as a woman, too rashly bring to light, to
the august name of Your Highness, so that….it is protected from the lightning bolts of slander that await it” –
Barbara Strozzi

Women have always composed and performed music at their peril, but their creative roles have been historically ridiculed, neglected or ignored.
To support themselves as artists during the 17th and 18th centuries, women’s options were limited: taking vows at a nunnery, as did de la Cruz and Cozzolani, or becoming courtesans, as (it is surmised) did Strozzi. Perhaps, like Duarte, they were blessed with the means to establish a fashionable, musical salon, thus avoiding the potential of being struck by lightning or slandered by an unappreciative or scandalized public.

Despite these obstacles, our Festival’s heroines devoted themselves to music and were acknowledged as brilliant composers and virtuoso performers.Their thrilling compositions and achievements will be the highlight of Montreal Baroque 2022.