Noémy Gagnon-Lafrenais

Photo de Noémy Gagnon-Lafrenais
Baroqueries, Fall online serie

In 2017, Noémy Gagnon-Lafrenais ventured through Europe visiting festivals, violin slung over her shoulder! This impromptu performance on the banks of a canal in Bruges, was caught by video artist, Geoffrey de Decker. Beautifully filmed to transport you to blustery Belgium, Montreal Baroque is delighted to share the simplicity of this performance of Vilsmayr's Partita No.1.

Noémie is assistant principal violin with the Arion Baroque Orchestra, member of Les Boreades de Montréal, L'Harmonie des Saisons and the Pacific Baroque Ensemble, in Vancouver.

Where will would choose to go and at what period in history if you could take a trip in space and time?

The second half of the 17th century is a period that intrigues me! The inspiration behind the instrumental music of the time comes from a fascinating mix of myth, piety and science. The works of Pandolfo Mealli and Franz Ignés Biber are wonderful examples of this triumvirate of opposing doctrines. To clear up my doubts about performing their music, I’d take this unexpected opportunity to travel back in time and space to find out how they approached their own music. In short, I’d sleep better at night if I were sure how it should go! Nevertheless I don’t feel that my own musical creativity is limited as things stand; the newest discoveries in mathematics, astrology, physics and philosophy have directed us towards modern science. Think of Leibniz, Descartes, Newton and Spinoza.

When I travel back in space and time I’ll save up enough to make my own Grand Tour of Europe like young, English aristocrats of the period. Perhaps I’d start in Innsbruck, Austria in May 1669, violin over my shoulder !

October : Mealli and Matteis with Christophe Gauthier, harpsichord


Crédit photo Sarah Lee Létourneau