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Press release: Montreal Baroque Festival 2022

Press release: International conference


Press relations

For more information, please contact Lise Huneault,  Alice Relations Publiques
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Press Review

Ce Cortegiano, réunissant diverses forces vives du milieu baroque, montrait que l’on peut mélanger érudition et décontraction avec un haut niveau de qualité musicale pour un spectacle à la fois éclairant, didactique et divertissant.
Le Devoir 2019

Susie Napper Fund

Montréal Baroque set up the Susie Napper perpetuity fund a few years ago as part of the Mécénat Musica program. It can thus collect major cultural gifts.

The net cost to an individual of a $25,000 cash donation after personal tax credits is $6,750* and is due, among other credits, to an additional tax credit from Revenue Quebec for one large cultural donation, which can only be claimed by the donor once in his or her lifetime, until December 31, 2022. The net cost to an individual of a $25,000 donation of public company shares (with large non-realized gains) can be as low as $7,521 can be done by the donor multiple times.

Make a Donation

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Donations are an essential to the Montreal Baroque Festival. Thanks to the support of many festival lovers, we can create one of the most original and unique events in Montreal.

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You can add a donation in your electronic purchase of tickets
Send a cheque to:
Festival Montréal Baroque
1097 Saint-Alexandre St, bur. 408
Montréal (Québec)
H2Z 1P8

Two hands in the shape of a heart in front of the sun

Matthias Maute

Matthias Maute
Matthias Maute has carved out an impressive international reputation for himself not only as one of the great recorder and baroque flute virtuosos of his generation but also as a composer and conductor. Since winning first prize in the soloist category at the prestigious Bruges Early Music Competition in 1990, he has led a highly successful career as a recorder and baroque flute soloist. He made his debut in New York’s Lincoln Center in 2008 and has twice been the featured soloist for the Boston Early Music Festival.
Matthias Maute

Susie Napper

Susie Napper
Cellist, gambist, continuo player par excellence, Susie Napper is alternatively praised or admonished for her colourful and controversial performances of solo and chamber repertoire of the baroque. Characterized by rubato, general freedom of expression, variety of bow strokes and undying preference for harmony over melody, she constantly searches for rhetorical meaning and eloquence to bring the printed page to life. Susie Napper was recognized as Femme de Mérite, ( YWCA 2011) and Personality of the year, Prix Opus, in 2002.
Susie Napper