Video Gallery

BAROQUERIES: Aleks Schürmer, Pemi Paull et Antoine Malette-Chénier
BAROQUERIES: The Broken Consort
BAROQUERIES-Antoine Malette-Chénier and Hannah De Priest
BAROQUERIES: Bach's Parody-Jessica Korotkin
BAROQUERIES: Playing and making a bass violin-Ryan Gallagher
BAROQUERIES-Keiran Campbell
BAROQUERIES: Baroque cellos, Elinor Frey
BAROQUERIES-17th century music and plague, Marie Nadeau-Tremblay
BAROQUERIES-Jonathan Voyer and Shawn Mativetsky
BAROQUERIES-Noémy Gagnon-Lafrenais
BAROQUERIES-Les Voix Humaines
BAROQUERIES-Baroque Biscuits
Early Music in Israël-Festival Montreal Baroque 2020-virtual edition
L'Inverno-Festival Montreal Baroque 2020-virtual edition
Fake and Fun in Early Music-Festival Montreal Baroque-virtual edition
L'Autunno Vivaldi-Festival Montreal Baroque 2020-virtual edition
Improvising Early Music-Festival Montreal Baroque 2020-virtual edition
L'Estate Vivaldi-Festival Montreal Baroque 2020-vitual edition
The Beginning of Early MusicFestival-Montreal Baroque 2020-virtual edition
La Primavera Vivaldi-Festival Montreal Baroque 2020-virtual edition
Folias - Improvisation
Montreal Baroque Bach Cantata BWV 106
Philippe Gagné, tenor - Festival Montréal Baroque - The Tempest - Henry Purcell
Montreal Baroque : Eric Milnes, director
Carroussel du Roy 2012
Vêpres de la Vierge Monteverdi